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Quality Objectives

  • Increase the satisfaction of our customers
  • Intensify innovation processes
  • Maintain continuous improvement through CTX
  • Increase the satisfaction of our collaborators
  • Encourage the participation of our personnel in Social Responsibility programs.
  • Potentiate human talent
  • Optimization of resources and working capital

Safety, Occupational Health and Ecology Objectives 

  • Achieve zero accidents in production processes.
  • Implement a methodology that allows to raise awareness of self-care in 100% operational personnel between 2019 and 2022.
  • Decrease 85% of unsafe conditions reported annually.
  • Certify at least 85% of the brigade members in the emergency brigade training plan.
  • Perform carbon footprint calculation of product life cycle.
  • Obtain Neutral Carbon certification based on the calculation of Corporate Carbon Footprint.
  • Zero ordinary waste.
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