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April 28 de 2021

In CENTELSA we are committed to preserving the environment, so we recycle our coils.

Today we have the CYM certification, as proof that in ENERGY AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS CABLES-CENTELSA we contribute directly to the preservation of natural forests.

Since 2020 CENTELSA has achieved through the “REWINDING” program, the reduction of felling and conservation of 86 standing trees, thanks to the increase in the recovery and reuse of wooden packaging. Process by which the collected coils are disposed of to the manufacture of cable packaging, reducing the reduction of polluting waste, reusing the packaging or metal parts and reducing the CO2 levels in the environment.

The importance of awareness in recycling.

Reused bobbins have a green stamp that identifies them as rewound. These have already been recycled, and therefore, although they do not have the same appearance, they have a more elaborate process that gives them a lot of value.

Now that you know, contact the contact number,

(+57) 312 296 4470
(+57) 311 770 3588

and request the collection of your coils now.

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