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Corporate Social Responsibility

For over 60 years we have been linked to manufacturing, we have worked to create jobs, welfare, contributing to the preservation of the environment and establishing good relationships with our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and community.

In our ethically proceeding, we recognize the importance of corporate social responsibility and the commitment to Sustainable Development, therefore, today, our actions are governed by a model that seeks to meet the needs of today’s society without compromising the ability that future generations can meet their own needs.

CSR Model

Since 2012, in CENTELSA we adopted the Social responsibility and sustainable development model of the Xignux group, which, the person is the axial element of the efforts made by all the companies which belong to the Mexican industrial consortium. These actions contribute to defend the integrity of each person and to the fulfillment of their human rights, also to the progress of society.

In Centelsa we are committed to the UN Global Compact.

Since October in 2014, we belong to the United Nation Global Compact. For us represent a commitment of the organization for the respect to the human rights, the environment preservation and conservation, the accomplishment to work standards which ensure our workers integrirty and the implementation of anticorruption policies.

Our Social responsibility and Sustainable Development report

Considering the importance of maintaining a permanent and transparent communication with our stakeholders, we begin, since 2013, the publication of the Social responsibility and Sustainable Development annual report; this report shows management results, achievements made by the company, also performance indicators and projects implemented.

Our reports are prepared according to the essential option guide GRI 4.

2013 CSR Report

2014 CSR Report

2015 CSR Report

CSR Report 2016

CSR Report 2017

CSR Report 2018

CSR Report 2019

CSR Report 2020

Our Values

The organizational values of the companies that belong to the Xignux Group, govern and frame the daily behavior of all our workers. In the same way, these values contribute to generate trust and leadership in the sector.


In our organization, we value the human person dignity, promote personal and professional development and also we appreciate their ideas and contributions. As a result, we promote decent and fair work conditions and promote life quality for our employees and their families.


Honesty and consistency are our commitments. We speak the truth and act accordingly, preserving the company, the community and the individual heritage.


We assume our decisions and actions with responsibility, ensuring a right performance of our commitments and the reliability that we have built for the clients, collaborators, financial institutions, suppliers, shareholders, community and the environment.

Team work

We consider that achieve better results is possible through teamwork which comes with new ideas construction, spirit of service, respectful attitude and the cooperative learning in a trustable environment.


Innovation is the way we search for sustainability, a company growing and leadership through new products, services, process, businesses and markets development.

Client’s Focused

Understand and exceed our clients, customers and users’ expectations is a priority in our company. We depend on their satisfaction to growing and improve our performance in the industry.


CENTELSA has executed the corporate volunteering program as a part of its social responsibility actions and its commitment to the community progress and development.
Our employees choose to be volunteers giving a great example what people could do to build a better society.

Our Volunteering Programs

ANSPAC for  women

Through our program ANSPAC, we work with and for women of several communities of Yumbo, supporting them with human, ethical and spiritual formation and activities as handcraft.


We work in agreement with the children of the Foundation El Caracoli in Yumbo, creating a culture to improve rational use of natural resources and environmental care.

Brigada Escolar

We provide students of the institution of Santa Cecilia (Cali), tools to act safely in an emergency situation at school and home.


We provide to the students of the institution Santa Cecilia (Cali), tools to face, in a right way, the professional lifestyle and situations

Sponsor a child

We contribute to the development of children of Isaias Duarte Cancino Foundation, with the financial contribution of our partners and collaborators

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