1. What should I do if I want to send my resume to CENTELSA?

To send your resume you must enter through the Work with us module and upload your resume.

2. If I already sen my resume to CENTELSA, will they contact me to start the process?

Once your resume has been received, it will be entered into the database. If your profile matches one of our vacancies, we will invite you to participate in the selection process.

3. How could I know the results of my selection process

Via email or phone we will contact you to give you feedback on the status of your process, this information could take up to three weeks.

4. How could I know if I go forward or I was discart of the selection process ?

As you go forward in our process, the selection team will inform you by email or telephone whether or not it will continue.

5. If I get the call to start the selection process, it means I'm hired?

In order to be hired by CENTELSA, you must complete all the stages of the selection process and have your job profile match the one requested by the company.

6. Which are the process of selection stages?

Record your resume, present psychometric tests, present interviews, and perform confidence phases.

7. After submitting the selection process, can I call to request information?

Remember that at CENTELSA we will always give you feedback on the continuity or not of the selection process.

8. What skills do I need to work at CENTELSA?

In CENTELSA we carry out the selection processes, based on the evaluation of competences for the required positions, where the candidates participate in equal opportunities; We also look for talents with potential, capable of leading processes and with attitude to contribute to the achievement of organizational strategies.

9. In which areas of the company can I develop my skills?

In CENTELSA you can use and develop your skills in different areas such as: manufacturing, maintenance, finance, supply chain, technical and development, commercial, human resources and systems.

10. What benefits can I have when working at CENTELSA?

In CENTELSA you will find various benefits that will increase your quality of life, such as: transportation routes, dining service, medical assistance, maternity, marriage, glasses agreement, continuous training, wellness programs, recreation and sports, among others.



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